Translanguaging Resources

These resources offer an excellent foundation in translanguaging, including real-life classroom vignettes about the many ways to implement a translanguaging pedagogy. In addition to instructional strategies and a variety of other issues that emerge in creating a multilingual classroom environment.

The translanguaging classroom: Leveraging student bilingualism for learning

by García, O. Ibarra Johnson, & Seltzer

2017, Caslon

Translanguaging for emergent bilinguals: Inclusive teaching in the linguistically diverse classroom

by Fu, D., Hadjioannou, X., & Zhou, X.

2019, Teachers College Press

Translanguaging in the English-centric classroom: A communities of practice perspective

by Mark

Translanguaging with multilingual students: Learning from classroom moments

by Garcia, O. & Kleyn, T.


Rooted in strength: Using translanguaging to grow multilingual readers and writers

by Espinosa, C. & Ascenzi-Moreno, L.

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